Why We Started SLIA

“Legal Innovation has the ability to change the future of our current legal system for the better. As the next generation, students are the key to instilling this ideology from the ground up. They will take these ideas into their professions, and before we know it legal innovation will no longer be niche.”

– Megan Cornell

Founder and CEO of Momentum Law

When asking students “what field of law do you see yourself practicing”, it is very uncommon to hear ‘legal innovation’. We asked ourselves why, and repeatedly came to the answer that the field of legal innovation lacks awareness among law students. However, this young generation is also the very generation that grew up with our technological world. This generation has the knowledge, creativity and excitement for technology that could revolutionize the way we see legal innovation today. Today’s legal innovators had to learn what they know, while students possess this underlying inventiveness all on their own.

With students better aware of the opportunities within legal innovation and the endless possibilities, they would be coming into law firms and tech companies with a unique background to help optimize our current legal system. As our legal system continues to change, so should the way we practice the law.

At the start of SLIA, there existed a mere 3 university student clubs across Canada. However, there lacks a uniformity and connection among those that exist. With a centralized association, students would be able to collaborate and connect across the country despite distance. Hosting legal innovation conferences, seminars and virtual events are the next step in sustainably growing the organization.

We envision leaders in legal innovation stepping forward to share their knowledge and expertise in the field, to provide students with a real-life glimpse into an innovators day. Innovators are able to share their vision for the legal system, inspire young individuals and provide guidance towards their success.

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