Why Get Involved?

As a law student, ask yourself ‘How would you transform the way lawyers of tomorrow deliver legal services?’  

Many law students joined the field of law to bridge systemic gaps and improve accessibility, just as legal innovation aims to do. What better way to achieve this goal, than through the use of your knowledge of modern technology and inventiveness.


Legal innovation allows you to directly witness the results of your powerful actions. The tools you create today are those that will help everyday Canadians gain trust in the justice system, as they are finally able to access the very resources promised to them. As a lawyer yourself one day, driving these inventions will further promote an improved workplace for yourself where lawyers are able to provide high quality services and to more clients. Process optimization will not only benefit lawyers, but those who receive our legal services.


Leadership is an important quality in any lawyer, and one that law firms value. Take charge in your community! Explore your leadership potential. We rely heavily on the youth population to bring a strong sense of initiative, creativity and —. What better way to develop these skills than through legal innovation itself?


The field of legal innovation is full of lawyers, tech companies and entrepreneurs. Legal innovation allows you to integrate your interest in multiple professions. Learn about the different ways in which legal innovation can take form through their real-life testimonies and day-to-day lives.

Law schools don’t tell you much about legal innovation as a field. Creating my own club and being able to network with professionals in the field was so helpful!

Rita Sankit

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