Work alongside our passionate organization to build a legal innovation community you can be proud of. Bring your ideas, vision and creativity. We are all in!

Implement Your Ideas

As a partner, we value your insight into how we can better our organization’s structure and delivery. We welcome your ideas for both existing projects and the creation of new ones. With multiple minds working together, we can work as a collective to create bigger and better ways to connect young minds with legal professionals. If you have ideas and need an outlet to bring these to life, we are perfect!

Boost Company Morale

Integrate your company with out own, volunteer at our events and work as a team to help others. Nothing brings people together like helping others. Bring your team out of their usual office and free your minds into a creative space. Build a stronger workplace with new opportunities for your staff in conjunction with SLIA. We can find a place for each of your employees.

Target a New Demographic

The student population is an often neglected demographic for many companies and employers. If you are an up and coming organization looking to target fresh and youthful minds for upcoming positions and projects, SLIA offers an excellent opportunity to meet these students. No need to look for students excited about the same things you are. Legal innovation students will be right at your doorstep ready to learn.

Improve Your Image

As a partner, you are actively helping the community and taking a stance in improving our legal industry for the future. You will be viewed as a company that cares — something highly valued by students, employees and other businesses. Set yourself apart from other companies who have not done the same, and gain recognition in the legal community for your hard work.

Help Bring Awareness

Legal innovation remains a niche field with a lack of awareness being its greatest barrier. Work alongside SLIA to encourage knowledge and learning within this area, and how students can become better involved in this growing field. As a professional, you possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience that could be influential in bringing about this change. We are counting on you to act as a catalyst in this mission, alongside our other partners.

We have received great satisfaction from working with SLIA. We worked together to build this organization from the ground-up and our team could not have been any happier with how receptive the SLIA team was and, ultimately, the results.”

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