Mission & Values


At SLIA, our mission is to engage the student legal population in the field of legal innovation. We hope to achieve this by encouraging students to create legal innovation clubs and/or chapters at their own university institutions, as well as helping host seminars and guest speakers.  

Legal innovation continues to face resistance in embracing this culture of change. As part of the legal profession, we often look to the past to inform the future. However, with legal innovation, we do not have a precedent to rely on. And so, with change comes fear of the unknown.  

We are asking students for their assistance in driving this systemic change in the legal field. Legal innovation is considered a niche field, with only a handful of firms involved across Canada. Young lawyers, like yourselves, are the key to bringing awareness and introducing these pragmatic changes which you will then carry forward into your future legal careers. 



Innovation is all about finding new and unique tools or methods of tackling an issue. At SLIA, we encourage out of the box thinking and discovering new legal perspectives.


Our aim is to connect students across the globe, with others who are interested in legal innovation. Partnering with leading innovators in the legal field and tech world, students can expand their network and build lifelong connections.


With so much potential for this niche industry, our efforts are much better served together than alone. Why not build off of one another’s ideas and visions as a collective?

Get Involved Now

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.


What People Say

The hard work of this organization makes it possible for me to continue exploring a niche field of law and discover opportunities in this unique area.

Shahrzad Shab Afrouz

SLIA has a genuine interest in building community and bringing students together. Students are not only provided with knowledge, but also opportunity, and mentorship.

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