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Megan Cornell

CEO, Momentum Business Law

I run Momentum Business Law, a boutique business law firm which is headquartered in Ottawa and services entrepreneurs across Ontario. I also operate Momentum Law Labs, our sister company, which focuses on technology development.

I struck out on my own from the comfort of “big law” because I wanted to do “legal innovation”. Well, I didn’t know that was what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to do law better – put the clients at the center of our practice and be more efficient, and I had a sense that technology was the key to pulling this off.

Along the way I’ve developed a strong commitment to making high quality legal supports accessible to anyone who needs them – in our case small business and start ups. Our firm provides full service, highly specialized business law services, but we also take that expertise and provide it in affordable, efficient ways to all sizes of business.

I quickly discovered that technology and process improvement provided the efficiency and structure we needed to be able to provide those high quality services at predictable prices, while also freeing us up to focus directly on the client needs. This, in time, came to frame our approach of client centered design of our services: letting our legal machine run behind the scenes, empowering us to provide great front end service to our clients.

We’re now taking everything that we have learned about consumption of legal services and topping up our direct services with a DIY offering. Our sister technology company is building a system which we will offer as a direct to consumer DIY option, with full services available as needed. The system is already spinning out other offerings and will help broaden our reach to business owners across Ontario and beyond.

Through all of this, I’ve learned to be a business owner as well – something which doesn’t necessarily come easily to many lawyers. I love running the two companies, love managing our teams and love the response we get from clients. I can’t wait to see where legal innovation goes next.

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